One to One

One to One

90 Minutes

Parenting is a relationship with a child and like any other relationship it's about how we relate. We often as parents say *They only act this way with me.* That's because it IS about us AND the child. The fact we get all their most challenging behaviour doesn't make us *bad parents* or mean we have anything to feel guilty or ashamed of. It simply means we all have difficult past experiences and deep beliefs which affect the way we parent every single day. When we set out to *fix* our children we lose sight of the wonderful individuals they are. When we nurture the parent/child relationship we find more peace and acceptance. During these sessions we will seek to find your triggers and work on shifting them. We will look at effective ways in which you can set healthy boundaries for your child whilst letting go of the exhausting need to control them. In addition I will guide you on how to communicate for connection to build a parent/child relationship based on truth and authenticity. All session calls are followed up with an email detailing our discussion and positive actions to take over the coming days. 

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